Friday, April 15, 2011

Kevins shadow

The little man is Kevin's shadow.  He always has been. Anyway on the weekend Kev 'YEAH' finally put a light in my pantry ( mum it's great -so now I can stop whingeing) well all the time Kev was doing it the LM was beside him helping UNTIL

                                                            Kev went into the roof

Sob Sob Sob- DA don't you want a little fellow to help you? (LM exact words)

This comment from  LM cracked me up.DA I know you up there I hear you with my ears..

Any way Kev did come down LM was very happy to see him and
they continued to work on the light.
Job well done my boys.

Later that night LM decided to fix my pictures.

                                   At one stage he was using his toy hammer to to hit  on the photos .....I just thought Oh no is this what it is going to be like as he gets bigger........No worse yelled Kev.

Also something I always remember   Happy 101st Birthday to my nana (my mothers mother)

It is a bit weird writing this as Nana has passed away a long time ago but I always remember her birthday and think about what a great Nana I had.
                                                           So Nana Happy Birthday

Love you Nana and miss you always.


  1. I loved the photos of Aidan helping Kevin.
    Yes we always miss our mums when they are not around, as the years past by it just gets easier with out them, but they are never forgotten in our hearts.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. What a sweet little guy you got there! I miss my Nana terribly. Lost her 4 years ago. Your blog is wonderful - so glad I found it. I'm going to follow from now on! Stop by for a visit sometime.


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