Sunday, April 10, 2011

What ever happened to the Paw Paw Adventure

What ever happened to the Paw Paw Adventure you ask?-It has been nearly 3 weeks since I wrote on my blog.

Well  obviously we are back home but while away I have got some sort of bug and I can't get rid of it, Antibiotics everywhere but still have the virus........

So here is how the trip went....

Well we went and drove for what seemed like days.

We meet this  remarkable man Tom and his daughter Janette.

We tried this creme and soap made from paw paw that Tom has made and tried it on my legs,I won't lie it wasn't pleasant and I cried  and cried and cried I even put my hankie in my mouth to try and stop my sobs but and I am telling you the truth  that we saw results actually working in front of our eyes.

We stay for 3 days of treatment -the changes in my leg are unbelievable.I told  my mum that Tom said they are improved  by 70%.She thinks that cant be right  probably  they are 10%.----She eats her words when she sees my legs..

We leave loaded with goodies and the well wishes of these 2 amazing people who have changed our/my life for life.They may be normal caring people but to me they are more I cant explain it without sounding like a idiot but they have saved my life given me hope .

Given me a second chance.

They have also given LM and Kerry back a mother and Kev back his wife.

Now even though it has only been 2 weeks since  we had started treatment I can honestly say OMG  it has worked.  I am still in pain and still bandaged daily and still on pain killers ..It will take awhile to be 100% as we still have to get rid of all the crap first-but when you know what I was like before and what I have endured with this you can understand..I don't want to post photos as they are too gross but trust me  my legs will be perfect .

Apparently you need to get rid of all the slough around the wounds and this had never been done,So that is what is happening now -once this is done the actual ulcer can be healed,In one place on my leg it was completely yellow with slough-and really sore ,Now the slough has almost gone and what we first thought were a couple of ulcers under the slough is actually one large deep one -this was the cause of a lot of my pain,And because i have so many sores and slough  on both legs it is going to take awhile to get there but if I had left it to the doctors there I truly feel my legs would have been amputated within in a year due to the rate of the ulcers growing.

These creams are amazing they have cured -ulcers gangrene skin cancer .acne -gotten rid of wrinkles -

OH I forgot I have dark red spots on my face which is a system for mixed tissue disease they don't hurt but I know they are there, anyway I used the soap on them an Guess what -the spots are all but gone,  So do yourself a favour check out Tom's site and buy yourself some and please I am not getting paid for this.             I believe in it.  If you want to ask me anything about it just ask me and     Please just try it ..

 The website is ----Tom -Please click on Tom and be taken to his website so you purchase his products...My mum and daughter both have after seeing my results.

Good luck and please keep  praying for me.


  1. It is truly amazing results by the photos that you've sent us. I also thank Tom for saving your legs & in time you will be back to normal(are you ever that though?)Love you
    Mum xxx

  2. Oh my god, we can not believe how good your legs are looking. We are so pleased this is working for you, in no time you will hopefully be out of all the pain you are in. Debra

  3. I am so happy to read the good news, Dee! Keep up the good work, even though it has caused some pain, hang in there until those legs are perfect again. Thank goodness there are men like Tom and his paw paw!


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