Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday

The last couple of years Pam and John (my in-laws) hold Good Friday lunch.We all bring our fish etc and have a really good time.

This year was no exception except (I know you will find this weird and unbelievable)
but I was too sick to go.

So I made up some goodies and sent Kev and the LM over where they had a fantastic time and I slept it off.

Kev loves these and they are so fast to make,

1 biscuit (I used Jatz)
spoon on some Philly cheese
and add salmon
sprinkle with chives and  eat YUM....

This is our favorite fish  recipe.

Wrap in foil the  below
1 large snapper -season stuff with parsley and whatever herbs you have.
cut a potato for chips,
Sprinkle with oil salt n pepper

when nearly finished add some marscarponie cheese and put back into BBQ till cooked.

You will Love this.

The little man with cousins Zeke and Trey.

Happy Good Friday

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  1. Sorry that you were sick again.
    The food looked good, & the fish is beautiful done that way as you & Kevin made it when I was down.


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