Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Away and Away

I am so glad we are home,Don't get me wrong I loved seeing mum and John and the LM enjoyed it as well but is is just great to be back in my bed my chair and my mess opps forget the mess ha ha .

Although while away I managed to get finished a few craft pieces yeah.....about time.I know Mel Kerrys best friend was due to have her baby in early May so I thought better get my finger out and do something about it...

So I made this baby blanket for Kerry's best friend (my second daughter) ,.I first saw a blanket
like this on Sherry website it was beautiful and i fell in love with it..I did try to contact her about what sort of wool etc but we went away before her reply came through. so i made my own version up and hoped it worked .
Please check out Sherry;s blog there are some really beautiful items there and the site is beautiful.

All I used was 5 balls of JAZZ and 5 balls  of PARADE made 45 chain.1 dc into every stitch till end and that's it,when it got to the lenght  I wanted I turned it around and did about 5 rows around the whole rug.
Oh I forgot I used a 15mm  crotchet hook.

Also when finished I threaded ribbon in it,
Looks beautiful if i must say so ha ha I used white ribbon for the blanket but Mel caled while we were away and she has had a little girl.So I am changing the ribbon to pink.

Now this is great,I started this rug for Kerry ages ago like last year sometime - then I didn't want to finish it so my wonderful mum did a couple of rows of dc around the edges  then her and my dad made the tassels(big job)

thanks mum looks superb and Kerry loves it.

I also bagged up my gifts for Emma the little girl with cancer i just wrote about.Now just got to post it.

Mum did hers for Emma  as well.

After getting treatment one day with Tom - Kev and I deiced to go to the Bundy Distillery,it was great,Took our mind off things

Kev and friend

Shock......I got my photo taken.

Last night at the motel and we had room service -meal was yum.
Kev wanted a cheese plate so this is what he got and he ate it all as well.

This was my treat.....whoa contain your excitement.

Now while the LM was at his grandparents they spoilt him rotten ROTTEN I say...


Trips to the park

Auntie Deb took KM and Nana to Sea World where everyone had fun,

Higher Nana HIGHER....

URKK birds,

LM rolled and rolled down the hill.

Arggh......Here LM met his long lost pirate friends,

Auntie Deb this is very slow,I know LM I know.Thats how I want it.

Nana made me baby coffee's I love them...

I love to paint at nanas

Look no floaties just a cutie in the nudie swimming..

Sorry it is a long post but i wanted to show you these before I got carried away with something else,he he you know me

oh forgot these .We stopped at a park on the way home and also maccas.Where Lm loved the play ground.

Leg update -tonight they are looking really good cleaning up well;
Thanks for everything


  1. John & I loved having Aidan all to ourselves, & not long enough(maybe for you though) Next trip up here you will be walking around Dreamworld or Seaworld with us.
    The shawl you made for Mel looks beautiful.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. That was so lovely of you to do up some goodies for Emma!
    It looks like a fun day was had too :)


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