Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No more night nappies...

Hey guess what ? The LM has no more night nappies.YEAH YEAH YEAH 

maybe I am jumping the gun a bit bit it feels good.

I am so happy he is 3 and a half and this is kinda of the last thing to stop from being a baby to a big boy.

We were naughty and promised him any thing from the toy shop if he didn't wet last night.
So this morning about 7.00am he came in to tell me no wet bed,I was so proud.

PS he got some little leap frog computer for being good and it was his choice although I had to lead him away from the loud noisy guns...couldn't handle that ha ha


  1. Does that mean that you now have to give him something every day for being so good?

  2. yay !!! thats a big thing... I still have 2 to go :( hope you had a wonderful easter

  3. Well done on reaching that rite of passage! Thanks for sharing all the Easter news too. E.B has had a busy time of it with all the eggs. He came to my grandies too, with a great haul of choccy! I was lucky enough to spend the holidays with them, lots of fun!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better now, Dee, pity you were sick for the hols!

  4. I love your style. Well done LM, you are a big boy now.....


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