Monday, October 3, 2011

new Pictures

I bought a couple of pictures yesterday from this gift shop at Emu Plains...such a nice shop.I was good and restrained  myself and bought just what i needed,

Nearly bought a Mickey Mouse doll dressed as an Astronaut,but thought why? I know LM would love it but he dosnt need it .So no thanks today.....(there is always tommorrow he he he )

 Now I bought them because I was going to use them in the bathroom / ensuite reno but now I don't like the colours i got .I dont normally do green and blue is a big no no but what i liked about them they seem to have a coating on them so it wont matter if they get wet..

So do you want to tell Kevin  that for me  !!!!! ha ha .

This one was going into my ensuite but now I don't like her colours.

This one was for the bathroom.but because I don't like the colours of
my one  and I don't want to hang them together i have to think about it...

So for the time being I have 2 pictures without a home....

I don't want to get my money back because as soon as I do that BANG I will find where I
want to  leave them
So we wait

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  1. very nice , hope you find a home for them. Emu Plains is not that far from where I live!

    Mary x


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