Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kerry and Baby update

Well what a weird day......I cant feel the excitement I did earlier,I cant stop crying and OMG am I praying.....I mean really praying...I cant lose my daughter I just cant.

Not now she is my life.....

So this is the news ....there is no news....Emmanuel still has not seen Kerry since 6.00pm.Why!!!!
The Doctors have not told him anything yet.We don't know if there was any blood transfusions or what.............

Baby is in neo natal ward being forced oxygen.The Doctor said they are worried cause of the loss of oxygen and other things YEAH WHAT !!!!! tell us...

He has two Doctors looking after him and they have now decided to send the Little fella to RPA Neo natal -Apparently they are more equipped to handle this situation.

Emmanuel has now seen baby as he was being taken away.Poor guy is a bit of a mess.The hospital is trying to get Kerry sent over there as well.

I can't understand why Manny hasn't seen Kerry.Apparently because it was an emergency c section they have to completely knock her out.....but we thought well maybe after an hour or two he could see her-nope...

It's now midnight -6 hours after the c section Manny has been told Kerry is kinda awake and is muttering a bit.

The nurses took the following pictures and Manny has just sent them over.He looks so much like Kerry .He is a little chubby one but don't know yet what he weighs...I do know that he is the most perfect baby ever.(that must be the nana in me trying to escape ....not yet the time will come )

I am trying  to get excited about baby but I cant fully till I know Kerry is ok....Then I will worry about bub and then get excited.

This little grumpy face is Kerry to a T.....

He actually looks like me when I had my heart attack and was attached to all these wires and tubes...

You can't see him only just but Manny said this is baby's first set of wheels.

I am going to cry and pray now.I just want everything to be back to normal and everyone being happy you know like in OZ....

Thanks for the emails and texts both Manny and I and Kev have really appreciated them and I will be showing Kerry as soon as.

We told LM that Kerry has had Peanut.....his response was to slap himself on his head and say "Oh no did I miss it..." nope its just starting mate.

Please God this is all in your hands now (and the doctors..) Please I beg you look after them...


  1. OH Dee thinking of you all, and hope you have good news today and all goes well
    Mary x

    1. thanks so much and sorry i havnt said so earlier but i appricate your concern-love dee x

  2. Oh Dee...now I am crying too. I am going to stop to pray right now! He is just the most beautiful little babe...I am in love with him already. Everytime I see a little koala & kangaroo around here I will be reminded to pray! Sending love & wishing so badly I could help out in some way!

    1. thanks libbie yep she does need prayer at the moment-love dee x

  3. Hi Dee, I don't think I have commented on your blog before, but I have been following it for a long time. I am so worried to see this news about Kerry, Emmanuel and their little one. The nurses at RPA are very special - my sister used to be one of them - and they will take great care of Peanut. My prayers are with you all today and I pray that God will give you all comfort as you face the coming hours and days together.

    1. Hi Anno thanks so much for your message it means a lot to me the messages i have been getting.I tried to find your blog but cant where do i find it?-love dee x

  4. Sending you big hugs and all my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Prayng that all goes well for Kerry, Emmanuel & Jaxson today. They are in very good hands at RPA Hospital & if you believe, He is also watching over them. xxxx

  6. There has not been a minute in the day today that we have not thinking of you all, and praying for Kerry, Emmanuel and Jaxson.

  7. Desperately hoping that no news is good news. Still praying.

  8. Oh Dee
    I'm just catching up on all this worrying news. Hoping all gets better and better.


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