Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this week-Harry Potter

Well what a week you know when you seem so busy but nothing gets done anyway?

Well that was me this past week although I did manage to make a few things.I put them in two post below as to not make this too long and boring.

But where does the time go ? -I am up at 6.00am to get the Little man ready for school- they are gone by 6.30am then I go room to room and do my cleaning, call me old fashioned but while I am not working I want Kev to come home and it all be spic and span.
Well it is till they get home then BANG the little Man has arrived.

Every toy has been moved -I didn't know you could get a corn chip in there!Boy does he make a mess....Oh well the joys (blah) of having kids.

Anyway as a surprise my wonderful beautiful husband planned a surprise for me.

YEP HARRY POTTER-I love the books seen all the movies have the dvd's but I forgot this one was being released this week.
Kev had to tell me we were going because I was making other plans  for the day
anyway he told me and it was


I am so lucky to have a husband who will sit through Harry Potter with me.

P.S- Kev also bought me the little Harry figurine a couple of years ago -cute hey,


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  1. Glad that you liked the movie & yes you do have a great husband who loves you.


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