Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm Back......
Well hello friends..I'm back. What a crap time I have had lately. (and so has everyone who is close to me ).So this is going to be a long post so go get a coffee and sit back and read the ramblings of a mad woman.

After my last post I started to get really sick except I didn't know I was sick.Can you understand that?
Well I just thought  I had a virus  or was taking to many pain killers because all I did was sleep and drink water.

Yes I went to the doctors and the answer they gave me was take more pills.Vicious circle.I even saw my wound doctor 5 days before this happened and he said it was (the wounds) good and he changed my wound cleaning routine and more pills.Once again vicious circle..

So while this was happening I didn't feel like doing anything.Kev looked after the LM did the cooking cleaning etc and Kerry helped as well.So of course there was no blogging.Only good thing to happen was I was losing heaps of weight.

Now I love Christmas and decorating my house But not this year.Kev put up the tree.I didn't even see it till it had been up for 3 days..He also wrapped the presents-well the ones he could find.I am still finding presents in my craft room.Oh well next year.

Anyway Christmas comes and I am a right off  .My mother in law tells me later that I was a grey colour and kept nodding off.Just wasn't with it.I just dont remember much.

So next thing is I don't remember the next few days and then it happened.

Apparently my body shut down.I slid out of bed and Kev and Kerry couldn't get me back in .Kev got worried as things wernt right - I didn't respond to anything.Well Kev called a ambulance (make sure you have ambulance cover as this trip to go a couple of blocks cost $670 less some sort of subsidy so we have to pay around $320) anyway the hospital told Kevin  that I was dehydrated and that my kidneys were starting to shut down.I was put in like intense care .Kev said I was lucky because if this happened while he was at work (he was on holidays ) I would be dead.....yuck

Mum was told and she booked a plane ticket and was coming down. Kerry was there and the LM was with Kev's parents-and me well I don't remember..

Well I don't remember much about this or the next few days.Alan and Lisa came and saw me on Sunday and I sort of remember that.I saw mum well I think I did..

To cut this story short I was in hospital for 14 very long days.I can't walk by myself I need a frame .I have heaps of pills to take.I have manged my pain killers to give me a even pain relief .But the best part is the doctor changed the way I do the leg dressing  (don't know what my other doctor will say) but who cares because it is working.I am finally seeing results.My legs are looking good still a long way to go but OMG they are starting to go away and heal up.

Also I now get a community nurse to come and dress my legs.This is saving us around $400 a month in wound care.Yes $400 sometimes more.But now I don't pay which is good because one of the bandages I need to use cost $10 each for a 10x10 cm piece.But it is working.

Another good thing that happened while in hospital is the time I spent with mum.She was there every day for hours and we just talked and laughed.Oh and she brought me chicken rolls every day for lunch yum.Thanks mum love you xxx
Every girl needs her mum........

Kevin was the same as was Kerry.Kevin was there all the time .He sat with me at night and rubbed my back when the pain was bad.We laughed cryed and I think I fell in love all again with him ...
He is my rock...

So now the good I will try to  keep them in order  but I hope you like them and maybe get a laugh or too.........

Me and the LM .God I look crap...

Learning to walk again,

Yes he is playing a game on his phone.poor thing he must be so bored.

my new best friend
.LM calls this the ambulance and he loves it..

These are the $10 bandages that I now use and I am so happy that they are changing my life.
At the moment it takes around 8 -to 10 of these to use for the wounds.Glad I am not paying and this is 3-4 times a week.

I told you he loves the "ambulance" .He can't stop playing on it...

Sorry this is so long .I have more photos but will put on another post.
I am back and I am here to stay.

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  1. Glad that you are back and every day will be better than the day before.
    Love you Mum xxx


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