Saturday, January 28, 2012

More mixed photos

See I said I would be back with heaps of photos to share.

Fairy Chloe.
I dressed her up and took these.She just smiled and let me do it.Such a good baby.

Bonnie looking  cute sitting in the garden..

I just love this tree.I took the photo from my bedroom window.

More from my window.Look at the tomatoes vine growing up over the arbour.

Ashley new work car.He finished his apprenticeship.
We are both so very proud of him.

This is what happens when you have a girl living in the house.The  LM wants to do what she does.ha ha

I don't want to wear this shirt
.Don't like it....I am not a girl....



  1. Great photos as usual. I love the one of Chloe. She's beautiful

  2. Congratulations to Ashley. I heard that he got really good marks. Go Ashley..


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