Tuesday, January 31, 2012

365 book

Well last year I started my 365 book which I loved.

I loved decorating the pages with photos and bits and pieces.....But then I got sick and just didn't get
around to it anymore.

But I wanted to try again .So Kev bought me another book and off I went .

I started while I was in hospital so I wrote about that a bit  and have added more photos as I go along.

So now I have almost finished a months worth of entry's.YEAH...

Just showing you a page from my book.

If you want a book like this it is from
  kikki.K and it is a wonderful book.They have shops every where or just order online..

Get one for a gift or just for yourself..  
PS...It is not dated just numbers so you can start anytime....I love it....


  1. Yay good on you Dee, I have one the same that my daughter gave me for Xmas and already I have catching up to do!


  2. I'm glad that you are so up to date with it. It is a beautiful way of keeping a record of bits & pieces of our lives.


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