Monday, July 7, 2014

Blog to Print

Its that time of year again...

I like to get my blog printed into two six month volumes that I usually post every day it wont fit into one book but hey that's OK ......

I do the same colour each year ...yes I know I'm boring but it looks better in my book shelves...

My book this year was almost 400 pages so it was nice and thick...

What I like most about these books is sitting back and slowly going through them reliving all the family memories we shared and the laughs...Looking back at our family journal  is what it is

Do you get your blog printed? this years book cost $160 but that included postage from USA.I think that is good value because I haven't  printed any photos out and boy is this book filled with them it just like a photo album.


  1. Dee, I am interested in having my blog printed. Any suggestions of which companies to use? I love the way yours look.

  2. It would be great to go back & read & remember all the little bits. Wonderful

  3. I want to do that too!!! I love the idea of my blog in a big old book on my coffee table! Where, where, where did you get yours done????


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