Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black cushion

I saw in Domayne and other decorator shops I go to cushions very much like these...different fabric and buttons but never less the same.

                             The BIG difference was the price.

The ones I saw were $100 plus and as much as I liked them there is no way I would pay that.

So I thought I would make my own.

Oh before I start -check out my 365 book on the table -looking good.See how full it is with Kev says junk I say love,and LM calls it my special book and he loves to flick through it and giggle.
Too cute to watch anyway back to my cushions.

So take one cushion like this one,it is from Freedom yes Freedom for $5 ( and they have great colours)

It is best to get one where a button has already been sewn on ( makes sewing the new brooch on easier )

I have taken a diamante brooch that I have had for years and clipped it on to the front of the cushion  via the brooch back.
Then I got black cotton and sewed the brooch on from front all the way through to  the back just by looping over some of the brooch prongs and bringing the needle through to back.

And thats it all done....

All finished and I think it looks great

Sorry but LM got bored and fell asleep


  1. A very classy cushion, it just goes to show what you can do on the cheap.

  2. Wow that looks really glam, what a great idea, Dee! Bit spiky to lean on though!


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