Thursday, March 17, 2011


My real father was born in Norway and we still have relatives (I won't say family because I don't know them) living there.

My sister (the fruit loop)  went there years ago and met them,  ANYWAY   my nieces Simone and Melissa are currently living and working in England and doing little tours around Europe when they can.

Well they went to Norway last weekend -my mum sent me the photo,

Doesn't it look yum..I haven't seen snow before but just dream of this sort of landscape.To me it is what I think Norway looks like..

 The hat ???? the girls look cute in theirs -me if I worn one I would look like Daniel Boone in drag....ha ha I bet you don't remember who he was...Also I asked the girls if they would get me a troll doll for the LM.

I didn't want one of those cute things with purple hair etc...I WANT UGLY.....

Well mum said they got him one and Yes he is so UGLY he is CUTE so when I get him I will post a picture of Mr Norway .yes that is going to be his name.Just another way of the LM knowing his heritage,

Now today is St Patricks day but LM is too young to explore that put of his heritage ha ha ha


  1. I'll have a drink or two for the Irish. The alcohol will mix well with my blood.
    The girls look beautiful, & they were so happy in Norway as it snowed while they were there.
    Yes I also remember Daniel Boone( but you are showing your age now Deidre)

  2. Wow gorgeous pic, they look great in the hats and the snow looks so pretty. I bet it is a beautiful country


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