Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Great Paw Paw Adventure

Well today is going to be a mixed up weird post,What ? you say ..... well sit back as I tell you a little story.

A Paw Paw tree with fruit.

A few months ago my mother saw a story on Today Tonight about a man  in OLD who has developed a cure  for ulcers, eczema etc all made from paw paws.

Tom McArthur  is this mans name and this is the article.

Well after mum saw this she emailed him and everyone else connected to him,I also emailed (although not as much as mum I couldn't get my hopes up) anyway we received a email saying he can
not respond to everyone due to the response of the show and that his cremes will be available soon.

No problem,This is why I don't get my hopes up I  just couldn't deal with another let down .We will just wait and purchase what product they have.

Well about 2 weeks ago we received another email the cream is now available  YEAH give me my credit card -.So because I still wanted to try this we ordered some -due early May.

Afterwards I thought I would just try again and send another email telling him how worse my legs have become and how I have no quality of life .

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Tom asking for for phone number so he could speak to me (this was Friday night) I replied after ringing mum and having a big cry,

Well on Saturday night Tom's daughter Jeanette rang and after a long talk they want to see me .And guess what they sound like really nice normal people not like the toffee nose cows like I was expecting.

So on Tuesday we are leaving onThe Great Paw Paw Adventure,

We are driving to mums on the Gold Coast were we are leaving   (YEAH) the LM  staying the night and then heading off to Marybourough which is around 6 hours up and then on to Toms for treatment.

I am scared excited upset worried just a big cry baby mess -I just think we have tried everything conventional western medicine can do and now we have to step outside the square.I often wonder how people can afford to get sick just my medicines and dressings for my legs cost anywhere between $300-$500 a month sometimes more.So if it works it will be good for our bank account as well.ha ha

Trying to be funny not working I have tears straming down my face as I type wondering if we are doing the right thing.

Also a big thanks to mum (again)because Mum has looked up the net -emailed people- called people all to help find somethingto help me.Thanks mum xx

Well God we have definitely done this we are so out of the square it is frightning .So here's hoping and praying

                                                                     Fingers crossed.And a little pray won't hurt either


  1. You now have me crying as well as you. Thanks Deidre. We hope & pray(I don't do that often enough though) that this is the cure that we all hope for. Anything & everything is worth a try, even if it is frightening to you. You will survive thru it all. We all have to keep positive. Aidan will love staying with Nan & Pop so you & Kevin can do whatever you have to do, knowing he is being looked after. We may keep him here...not on your sweet nellie says Deidre.
    Drive up here safely, & I can't wait to see you all again. This will work Deidre so stay positive.
    Love you all very much Mum & John xxx

  2. We are so proud of you, stepping outside of the box. We know that this won't be easy for you, but our thoughts and prays will be with you every step of the way. We will also be there if Nan and Pop need a little break (hopefully). Have a safe trip up and we will see you very soon. Love Deb & Ross xxxxx


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