Friday, March 18, 2011


This is the Little Man here.I am writing this to complain about Dee and Da

Dee................ I do not like chocolate cake and I don't enjoy licking the bowl and the spoon when I have had to mix the cake myself and then proceed to cook it without so much as a helping razoo from you two.

And Da you should know better than to sit at the table and be laughing at my discomfort.

Bad Da Da .

You would think that as you and Da are the adults here someone could take charge of the situation to ensure this bowl licking is not encouraged.

Please find below some evidence of how much I hate this sort of childish behaviour.

See the look of distaste on my face.


No I don't like chocolate cake.


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  1. You certainly don't like choclate cake do you Aidan? Just like your Nana. De & Da should not encourage you, but you do look very cute with a chocolate face. I could lick you myself. YUM
    Love Nan xxx


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