Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Pop

My mum is so clever she makes me proud.

I mean not only does she paint all week for her market stalls on the Gold Coast she  also has to look after my dad.

Then she has to listen to me whinge -cry or laugh whatever mood I am in.
And she listens and participates  in hair brained idea I have and is always on hand to help whatever she can do ....

Well enough talk like that cause Mum will get a swelled head.ha ha  No mum your worth everything and more.

Anyway my point today is Mum has started tracing our family tree.Which is going to be hard as we don't have to much to go on.I said to mum that I would dearly love to see a photo of my pop (mums dad ) young,
I have only seen old photos and wondered what he looked like in his 20's.

Well Miss History guru (mum) came through -she managed to find a long lost cousin who had a photo of Pop

So I would love to show you him

My  Pop is the handsome man with his hands in his pants and his trousers look too short.The other man is his brother (I think he looks like a old George Clooney )ha ha My pop has large ears and this sounds weird but my nephew is splitting imagine of pop-curly hair and large ears.So now we know where he got it from.

That's my pop in the back and his mother on the car rails outside.We think the rest is brother and sisters.
Check out the car .....Unreal isn't it.Love the hat .

Anyway just wanted to say a big thanks to Mum for granting a wish of mine..To see what Pop looked like young
thanks mum xxx



  1. I wish that we had our older relatives still alive, so that we would have more cherished photos to keep. One thing is for sure that Kerry will never be short of photos.
    If I hadn't got these photos I'm sure that you would have got them sooner or later. Thank you for the wrap though.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. Wow what awsome pics, such treasures. And I love that you Love your mum so much



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