Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well friends it's a weird one today.

To doiley or not to doiley.

Yes that's the question.Since being at home I find I keep changing things and it is quite fun, except on the
subject of doily's,I don't know where to go.....

I was brought up a doiley girl there were doileys under the vase etc to protect the wood and cause it looks good. But now even though you can still buy them you don't see them in magazines unless it's in a vintage spread.

I tried taking a doiley off from underneath a vintage kettle and it just dosn't look right -half finished look -so I had to find something to go back there quick...another doiley ..

This is my dinning table centre WITH doily

WITHOUT doiley-looks unfinished .

So what do you do?


  1. It has to have one, but then I love doileys. Always will thanks to Nana

  2. Oooh I definitely like it with the doily! I have a stash of doilies made for me by the G'ma but unfortunately my husband really doesn't like them so I keep them safely tucked away!

  3. Go with the Doiley, it does finish the table beautifully. I have doilies everywhere, just love them.

  4. I confess to being a doiley girl too!


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