Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mum's Visit

What a great week.

Well certain parts were.  My mum came down on Monday afternoon and then went home  on Saturday afternoon.

The week went too fast.I really wish she lived down here I know it's only an hour to fly but sometimes
you just want her to be here closer,I am so envious of those who get to see their mums heaps but I
guess you just have to deal with it and deal with it the best you can...

Crap........... I am not dealing with it I think cause I am sick it makes it worse but I am missing
my mum heaps I speak to her daily sometimes more than once (thank god we have a good Optus plan ha ha )  but it isn't enough ....

We did try to get up there last year had the jobs but had problems with LM and Doc's  so maybe next time but it will happen...........

Anyway here are some wonderful photos that I would like to share with you ...

Nana and LM .I love this photo.

Changed my coffee table set up ....I like it but it is taking a while to get use to...

Whoa ..who is the lucky girl who managed to score these?
Me of course....Unreal aren't they.

You are such a funny Nana....I love you.

Paint my toes Kerry come on paint them....

Nana and Kerry .
Kerry is Nana's 1st grandchild.(spoilt )

Nana with 1st grandchild and last grandchild.

3 Generations.

LM is now learning to breathe swimming,looks like a little fish

thanks for looking

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  1. The week went too fast, but not long before another visit. I also wished that we lived closer as we all need family close by. Aidan is such a joy to be around but then I'm not there 24/7. I loved to see how he is coming along with his swimming & to see Kerry for more than 1 visit.
    Love you heaps Mum xxx


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