Monday, March 7, 2011

The Little man

Well I haven't fixed all of the blog yet but I am getting there.

But thought I would show you some recent (this week) photo's.

Gail (LM"S mother) came over for a visit

Check out my new shoes..oh and baby quack my new friend.

mmmm  I love paddle pops.(thanks Auntie Lisa she gave me my 1st one )...

Helping Da build me a robot.

NO he is not stuck under the table -.Kevin is playing cubby houses with LM.

I got a typewriter....

He  loves  it and keep writing his name and Kerry's name.Driving Kev and me crazy with "how do you spell?"

LM was allowed to pick a toy for being good (doesn't happen that much ha ha .So he chose Mumma duck.

So here he is with both mumma duck and baby duck....Too cute.

I don't know how long he will play with stuffed toys -he loves all his and each
one and a name....

So sorry if I have bored you with  LM photo's but I like them ha ha 


..yep 3 days is all it took for the LM the undo it and take the rollers
off and countless other parts.Well after Kev did his took him over 1 hour to 
repair it.

So I have put it away for now,

But that is what the LM does-he is fascinated by how things work..


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  1. At least the typewriter lasted 3days. Kevin looks good under the table, at least he plays & shares with Aidan.


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