Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chloe update

So where is our baby girl..? Chris and Sam went to midwife today and Sam is going into hospital
tomorrow and being induced on Thursday,

Gail and Chris are hoping for a Friday birth which will be 11/11/2011 Gail's birthday is 11/11/66 so who knows.

So I should have my precious niece by the weekend.   YEAH,,

PS that will also give me a few more days to finish my craft up for her.

Now for some sad news .

The above photo isn't really good but it is all I have.This is Trya Kerry's little baby cat,

She is about 6 yrs or more in age but she still is Kerry's baby   Anyway she has gone missing.

Kerry has rang the pound and the vets no help.And she has been out walking and driving around looking
for her.

We know she wouldn't just go with someone as she is sooooo timid.

Kerry is so upset so please say a little pray for he safe return.

I hate seeing my baby upset it is killing me.

So we are just hoping Trya will walk back in as if nothing has happened.


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  1. Poor little Trya, lets hope that someone is looking after her until she decides to come home. It would be lovely for Chloe to be born on Gail's birthday, I just hope that it's a good labour for Sam


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