Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'M BACK -maybe

I think I am on a comeback.....Yes I know I sound like an idiot but if you don't like it don't read me you won't understand how down down down I get.....

But once again I thought I cant let the  sickness win.I have lost friends who I thought were in there  for the long run.Family isn't the same anymore no one pops in to say hello or ask if i want anything or if i need doing.anything,it's funny though it has ended up being my blog friends can you believe so seem to be there for me.  leaving me little comments or Even sending me emails which i love.

  Anyway Kev and I were watching TV on Sunday night and they were cooking pavlovas.

Kev pipes up and says YUM then they put passion fruit on it and he nearly loses it.( helps that it was hot and he had been drinking beer ha ha ha ) so I decided then to make him one from scratch.

So finally today I made Kev a beautiful pav and for the LM with the bit left I pipped some kisses and he is wrapped.(happy)

Merguine kisses for the LM.Kerry used to love theses when little.

Kevin's pav was just how he loves it.

Kev thought this was a nice sunset ,to me -uhhh! oh yeah it's a sunset.

The Christmas ball lady has started again.These 2 balls are for Kerry's friends,

The loves of my life the LM and Kerry on their way out.



  1. Where was my invite for Pavlova, look's delightful!

  2. Gorgeous photo of Kez and Aidan.

    That pav looked awesome too! I've never made one, but I was thinking about making one this Christmas. yummy.

  3. It's a lovely photo of Kerry & Aidan. Forget the pavola I'll have Tiramisu thank you. Tell Kevin I thought that the sunset photo was nice, and glad that you are back to making your xmas balls.
    I wish that we lived closer to be able to help even if you say you do not need help.....

  4. Yes, the pavlova looks yum, good enough to eat! Now you know you can do it, Kev will want them on the menu regularly! LOL

    I love the sunset pic too, glad to hear you are feeling heaps better, Dee, hang in there!

    I miss you popping in to Old Chook Scraps, have you lost my blog details?


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