Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mavrelous Monday

                                                               Marvelous Monday

Yes that's what i am calling today.

No why was it so marvelous?

Well first off I spoke today to a very special friend  who I haven't spoke to for -well it felt like years but actually it was only about a month ha ha .It really made me happy to speak to her again

.What a start to the day.

Then Kerry had an annual  leave day so she could  do things about the unit she put a deposit on.We decided to go out for lunch together.I couldn't believe it -I was well enough to go out .Yeah

Well a lunch of chicken with avocado on a salad with a seeded mushroom dressing ( I am mentioning what
I had because if you know me you know I don't  eat salads)  well today I did and it was Yum.
So i accomplished something new  which i feel is good.

I guess I have to step out of the square every so often .

Then we went shopping .OMG I was still well enough to keep going.

I was happy about what I bought but I don't like to think about is the credit card bill when it comes ha ha ha

and last but still cherished were my daily calls to mum just to talk about whatever.....

So that was marvelous Monday,Tomorrow is Tuesday Oh no Terrible Tuesday. NO think of something else
I know Terrific Tuesday....( i think i use to many drugs.ha ha ha)



  1. So glad that you had a good Monday, many more to come. I also love to have a chat to you every day. I'm glad that we are with Optus though. Love you Mum xxx

  2. Hi Dee...thankyou for your love on my blog. I've just been reading through your christmas posts from last year! You've got some great ideas to steal...I especially love the rocky road trees. How do you get them in that shape?? I'm a bit challenged when it comes to baking...hope I'm not asking something top secret hehehe...


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