Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Chloe

                                          Introducing Miss Chloe Gail ....

  She has just been born in the last few minutes and I think she is beautiful.
Not biased at all but just look at her.

The handsome man with her is her daddy Chris who is my nephew and the LM's big brother....
   Yeah we are a mixed up lot.

Here are a couple more pictures to share with you....

Now I have no details of weight etc but that will come.

Chris is happy that she was born on 11/11/2011  what a birthday,Also Chloe shares her birthday with
her Nana Gail 11/11/66.

Happy Birthday Gail.Love you xx



  1. Congratulations to Sam & Chris on the arrival of Chloe. She is so beautiful & looks so perfect. Happy birthday to Gail & Chloe xxx

  2. Congrats everyone!!!! Just awesome news, was hoping to hear about bubs arrival today

  3. Hello Dee, what a gorgeous, gorgeous little charmer she is, how alert and cute! Welcome to your special little one. xx


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