Wednesday, February 1, 2012


On Sunday Alan & Lisa came over for a couple of hours -it was so good to see them .

Anyway the old Dee was back and I wanted to make sometime to snack on that I hadn't made before plus I wanted to be a show off ha ha

So while I was in hospital I saw this recipe in one of the magazine's Mum brought me in -I cant remember which one though.

So I made it -and I changed it a little bit  and it turned out perfect.........(as if it wouldn't )

The best thing is you can make this in less than 30mins and most of the ingredients are usually in the fridge & cupboard.

So here goes..............

Make sure oven is hot.

Take a sheet of puff pastry and score around the edge a border 2cms away from edge.Don't cut through pastry.This is the hardest part of the recipe.

Cook 6 mins or until golden.

Push down middle of pastry to make flat.
The scored piece will now make it look like a framed piece of pastry.

Cook asparagus till boiling then cook 2 mins .Then put in ice water.Drain and arrange on pastry,
Now put cherry tomatoes on.(you could also use mushrooms ,salami or whatever takes your fancy- yum)
Cut Brie cheese into slices and arrange  on top...

Make egg mixture -
2 teaspoons pure cream
1 egg
Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon
salt and pepper to taste
mix well

Now pour over pastry.Cook in over around 8 mins

We ate ours hot  but it is nice  cold as well. .

Go on try it you  will love it (I hope)



  1. Yes Dee Dee, it was delicious!!

  2. I've copied & pasted the recipe to make when I come home from Sydney.


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