Sunday, April 1, 2012


What have I been up to craft wise these last 2 weeks you ask.....

Well the answer is heaps of bits and pieces ,I am really happy to be back into the craft groove again.
Plus having a new baby to make some bits for is exciting and has got me glueing and painting like there is no tomorrow

                                       So here is what I have made for Shakira...

                                                                       A canvas for the wall.

I love doing these names signs.I get my dad to cut out the letters for me so I am lucky that  and he does such a good job  with  them.

Whenever we have a baby born I like to make these books as their first book..They are so cute .
And yes once again my dad cuts them out.

Love it...

Baby head gear.Mum made the hat and I put the flower on.I found the elastic
in my stash so just added flowers.

                                 I just love to decorate baby singlets.They just look so cute.....
                                              My favorite one is the little white one.

  I also love these butterfly frames.

                                                             More butterfly's...
                  Now I also was making a baby blanket but I haven't finished crocheting it yet  so it  will be finished this weekend.....phew.....

So that's all for the baby and  90% of these were made yesterday.  No wonder I am tired, so when I catch my breath I will do more for the baby-   but here are  the other things I have made during the last 2 weeks (a couple were even  made yesterday when I was doing Shakira's....

                                                        Yes I know another one....

                                                                                     A gift for a friend.

                                            Yep another one.  I think I am getting sick of butterfly's

                                This is just in the planning stages  just not quite right  yet.

                                     I bought these buttons from Etsy and made bookmarks.

                                                                           Bookmark bits.

                                                          They turned out quite cute.

                                                             I also did some hair clips.

                Now everyone should know I love birds  well this next project Is my favorite.

Take 2 little birds (bought from Bed n Bath .Paint them- I used Jo Sonja's smoked pearl paint with a little of her sealer mixed in.

               One sign (yes my dad cut it out for me ) paint it the same colour then I got my ink pad and went   around the edges then sanded it all over -bird as well.
               Stick the birds on I used Pritt glue.

                                              Love it Love it Love it ,Did I say I love it.

So that is what I have been doing
,Check out my mess but I know where all the bits are and it works for me to work in mess ha ha

So now I am going to have a rest from craft for a couple of days...
 OH NO I forgot I have to make my Easter tree for the LM.

Well maybe I will rest after I have done the tree.


  1. Everything looks wonderful as usual.Such a clever little vegemite aren't talent no doubt(I don't think so)

  2. Wow you have been busy! congrats on the arrival of your little grand daughter


  3. As usual everything is beautiful! When you are next in your craft mode, I have to get you to make me one of those wooden name's for Jacyinta!


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