Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patty cakes

                                                           I am a fool.
I saw these little Easter cupcakes somewhere and it stuck in my head
                                           THAT I MUST DO THESE...

So I hunted down the little candy coated chocolate eggs,Big W is the only place I could
get them from.And then I bought the grass piping tip and yeah I was ready to go


I wasn't well last night so I went to bed at 7.00pm.I kept thinking about these cakes as I so wanted to make them for the LM to take to daycare 

At 1.30am I got up and made cupcakes.

Then at 2.30am I decorated them.I was so tired that I wasn't happy with the grass so I switched nozzles and just finished the rest off.
I just couldn't be bother working on the grass  so I have to practice that next time ha ha

So in the end I made 40 little cupcakes.Well they are only 4yrs old in LM class so this size is good.
I also gave some for Kerry to take to work.

And the LM's response when he saw them was " these are the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen"
                                                                        YES IT WAS WORTH IT.......


  1. You are crazy Mrs S!!!!! But they do look great :-)!!!

  2. They must love you at day care with all the treats that you make & send in. They look wonderful though.
    I hope you went back to bed?

  3. Awww I bet that made it all worthwhile when the LM said they were the most beautiful cup cakes he had ever seen. But you are crazy! in a good way



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