Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gail visit

Gail (my sister) came over last Sunday for a visit.

The LM loved it and I used the opportunity to have  some Dee time , So I loaded them up with 2 plaster kits to paint and then I wandered off into the office.

I was watching them paint the bunny and the egg and they looked  cute together that I took some photos.

It is not often that we can get the LM to sit still but he really enjoyed this activity.

                                                                           Acting shy......

                                                              Check out the concentration going on.


                                                                The finished goods.



  1. Very good painting & it kept Aidan busy for a little while. I can't believe that Easter is only 1 week away..

  2. Wow, Gail is looking soooo young!


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