Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi  just going to show you some photos from the last couple of weeks when I wasn't posting.

Good Friday hanging out with family.
Kev and John

The LM and his cousins Zeke and Trey

The bikie.

Aussie John -my brother in law.

Kev loves sea food mmm

Zeke and Trey.

LM didn't want to pose with his eggs just wanted to eat them...

Such a poser.Yum loves Anzac biscuit.

More Anzac biscuits I have made 3 batches this week

How spoilt are we Kerry made minestrone soup for dinner.

LM with his chicken

Called his chicken Chookie.

Trey and Zeke.I found a website called
It's a free photo editing site and I had a ball changing some photos and this
was one of them

Alan and Lisa got a new baby called Bella  so cute.

My 2 boys down the river looking at the rising waters.

And in all that pink you can just see Shakira.

Hope you like these


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  1. A lovely selection of photos. I must check out picmonkey, it looks like fun


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