Monday, April 8, 2013

Kung Fu

The LM is doing great at Kung Fu.

He may be a bit cheeky at home (well maybe not a bit but a lot )ha ha but at Kung Fu he is really focused on his teacher and does what he is told.

Plus we are lucky as he really loves going there.

He got his Yellow dragon this week which we have to put on his belt and he also got a certificate.
He was so proud....So was Kev and I....
When he got his yellow dragon he was so happy  like it isn't a proper level in Kung Fu but it is an encouragement award.But regardless we did the proper Yeah! Good boy !!! you know that type of thing and we had one very happy Little Dragon.

One of the reasons I like him going to Kung Fu is that it is a solitary (kinda of ) sport.If he mucks ups the only one effected is himself.So far he is really trying he is listening to the instructor  and the best part is he always has a smile on his face..which is the greatest feeling for me.

Next level is the orange dragon....LM says he is still going to do Kung Fu when he is 80yrs old.

Well sorry to say it mate but I don't think I will be there watching....ha ha


  1. hE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A LITTLE NINJA! So cute! I always lve it when they act better for their teachers than they do for me! If they didn' would be bad!

  2. It's a great sport to be learning. I'm sorry but I will have also have fallen off the perch by the time Aidan is 80yrs old.


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