Monday, April 15, 2013

Little feet...

Have you ever noticed just how cute little feet are???
You know what I mean ,newborn baby feet,little feet before they have felt mud squishing through their toes....Before they have felt freshly mown grass under their feet.

I love it when we play this "little piggy" on their cute little feet.

When Jaxon was born I couldn't stop looking at his little feet .He has Kerry's toes.He is such a little cutie (of course I would say that but hey it's true.....)

I really wanted a copy of his foot prints and I knew my mum would too.Kerry would do his foot prints but I wanted her to do something a little different.And hey this is my first Grandson and in case you haven't noticed I am soo in love with him.

 I saw on Pinterest this cute little verse and they had the baby's foot prints stamped on the card but placed together to form a little heart.They drew around the foot prints to make the heart shape stand out more.

So I told Kerry about it and drew a little picture to show just want I wanted and hoped she would do....

Now while Kerry is quite crafty she also is her own person and it doesn't matter what her  mum wants her to do she will do what she wants.Which is a good trait  to have (sometimes ha ha ).

So I got her a nice blue ink pad ,printed out the verse on some card stock I had and gave it to her...

One for her, one for me, one for my mum and one for Emmanuel's mum.

Then I just leave it.If she wants to do it she will I have tried.....If she doesn't do it maybe I can kid nap Jaxon one day and do it then.He will be 18 but that wont matter to me ha ha ha

 I need not have worried my beautiful daughter made the 4 of them for me.I was so happy and  proud that she did them.

They looked so good .I love mine.......

I found this frame in my stash .....and now I can see my precious baby's feet...

Just think what a nice mother's day gift this would be for any Nana......

Love you Kerry.


  1. Now that's a great way to warm a mom's heart. I love it!


  2. They turned out great. I still have the ones you done of LM and I remember the hassell you had. Between you & ashley, you got it done.

  3. They turned out wonderful & such a memory to have for all times.

  4. Awesome! Little feet, little hands.. just precious...

  5. What a fantastic idea Dee - LOVE the wording!
    I think Jaxon's going to have massive feet - so this will be a fun reminder tee hee
    Big hugs,

  6. Great idea Dee. They sure grow quick s having them at this size is lovely. Glad your daughter decided your idea was a good one. I hope your little bundle of joy is doing well.
    PS and your daughter of course.


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