Friday, April 12, 2013

Can you believe it....

Can you believe it?????

After me whinge last night this happens today....

It is true as God is my witness...

I am so proud, happy,my heart is about to burst with love ......I feel like I could do cart wheels ....
Well that would be something to see....I cant walk properly so you would be looking at an old fat lady trying to do cartwheels...."BURGH" not a pretty sight ha ha ha

No honestly I couldn't believe it when the LM brought it in to show me.

Kev said he was showing everyone his award in Woolworth's.. He was showing the cashier so she gave him some extra stickers Whoop Whoop....(no that was nice).. They went into the bottle shop and he showed that cashier well she gave him 2 balloons and a lollie....He is making himself a nice little stash.

Anyway when he showed me I gave him a huge cuddle and I was crying and trying to tell him he was good and I was proud of him.He showed me the packet of mints that Kevin bought him as a reward...Oh crap do I have anything??? then I remembered I had a large packet of tic tacs in my draw that it was for him but I didn't give it to him cause of being naughty...Well he thought that was great...Ha Ha Kevin I upped you (first time).

Sorry about the photos being a bit blurry but my friend Michelle was there at the Kindy assembely (yeah I was at home sick as usual this makes me so pissed off -'sorry about the language '
and she had taken a picture of her son Diesel and was about to put her camera away and thought no just keep it out and then they called out the LM's name she said LM just sat there it didnt realise it was his name ,they repeated it and this time his teacher went over to him and nudged him he started to get up.........

Then when  they said his name for the 3 time BINGO the grin on his face was so big ....he was so happy.

Thanks Michelle for the photos  she emailed them to me I will treasure them forever to me they are PERFECT.......

Thanks to the LM's teacher you will never know how much this meant to my little boy-Thank you.

And a big thanks to "God" I just know you had something to do with this-thank you

I dont know what else to say as I am just blown away by everything and need to gather my thoughts.
Goodnight xxx


  1. What a great thing to be rewarded for! Trying to do hard work says a lot about his character!!! Pretty cool!

  2. He is trying. It's all new learnings for him. It will all come together sooner than later. xxx


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