Saturday, April 13, 2013

I love these....

I saw these little cuties in a magazine and fell in love with them.

I just had to have them ........

But I couldn't find them Boo Hoo......

Then today I went into Bed n Bath and there they were just sitting there waiting for me....

I don't think I have ever bought something so fast in all my life.......

I got in the car and had the biggest grin on my face .Kev said what was wrong? I just laughed said Oh nothing.

Then it hit me ,where am I going to put them,..

and that my friends is another story


  1. It's great when you find something you are looking for. I like all that stuff they sell at BB&T but as you say. Where to put it.

    Your birds are very sweet.

    Thanks for the news about the bread too. I appreciate the feedback.

    Best Carolyn


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