Friday, April 5, 2013

My Neice Chloe

When  my mum was down for a few days(when Jaxon was born) my favorite nephew  Chris came down with my equally favorite great niece Chloe  who LM is her Uncle....Do you understand anything I just said ? ha ha Chris is almost 30 and he is the LM's brother follow ha ha ha

So of course it was photos everywhere cameras flashing  you know one of those days"quick take one of Chloe with mum and take one of LM with Chris ,Wheres Gail she needs to get a picture taken "photos being taken everywhere....

I bought from Woolworth's a couple of dress up outfits....The out fits were totally unplanned but who can resist a cute photo shoot....A pink and white bunny  suit for Chloe and a bumble bee  suit for Jaxon  (i knew I would have to put it away for at least 6 months or more  but it was just too cute not to get)

The LM helps Bumble Bee to the garden.Check out her stinger isn't it just the cutest.And for $12each  how could you go wrong.

 Gail (my sister ) and I dressed her up first as a Bunny.....OMG so hip hoppity cute......when mum and her Chris  saw her they couldn't stop laughing so I then put her in the garden for more photos .

The LM just loved Chloe as a bunny.The outfit came with the long floppy ears and I had the other pink ears.I don't know which pair of ears I prefer..

The photos turned out so beautiful then  I remembered that I  have a little mermaid outfit lets try  that and take photos near the pool....

Once again so beautiful....a beautiful little mermaid....

 Guess what I only took 230 photos that day -not bad hey.......Plus mum took nearly that much as well but hey they were worth it .......


  1. Well if she isn't the cutest little bunny ( and mermaid ) lol
    230 photos - you've beat me Dee!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  2. Chloe is just so cute & Miss Beautiful. The outfits Looked lovely on her, well worth the effort.

  3. I cant thank you enuf for doing all that with chloe. Chris was expecting alot of photos but you blew him away with what you done. He really loves them. I think they are amazing. Watch out jaxon, your turn will come (and on many occassions). xx


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