Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Jaxon is 1 month old ..

Yes  1 month..... can you believe it Jaxon is now 1 month old......It has gone so fast .I better not blink or it will all go past me without  notice.

I tell you we were going to do the onesie countdown to 1 year old ....You can do it monthly or weekly...Kerry and I had a talk and decided to do it monthly,that way it is easier on her dressing the little fella each month..

I got my stickers for this Etsy store  they were only around $10-$12 + postage and this lady has a very large selection to choose from....

We got a Just born to start it all off .This is optional.
In this picture I just couldnt wait to see what it looks like but thankfully we decided not to use this one in his wrap......

Here he is in his little Onesie.Too cute. I am really pleased that Kerry is going along with this she is usually quite shy with photos but I am over the moon that she is doing it and I don't have to push her too much ha ha ha ...
The dreadful 1 month sticker....too fast too fast....
This is the same suit as newborn can you believe it?  Look how chubby his little legs are...they really fill out his suit.Kerry suit maybe 2 months might be the last with this onesie and that she is going to get another one the same just bigger.

Thanks Kerry for doing this ,I am really happy to see these pictures came through.

While we are starting this I has already started a digital book at Big W with these pictures so at the end of 12 months...Yeah....12 beautiful photos....xxxxxx

                 "Hey Nana why are you keep taking photos and crying when you look at them?"

                                                "Sorry Jaxon it's just the wind".........


  1. Great idea, but I was never that organised unfortunately.

  2. I think that it's a great idea. A bonus is thet Jaxon is so very cute.

  3. Wish we done them with LM. Jaxon looks sooo cute


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