Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ava Vittoria a new little Princess

Our friends Joe and Rita had a little baby girl last month such a cutie,
They named  her
                                             Ava Vittoria .
I told you that she is a cutie.....
Both her parents love hand crafts so I got to work on a few things for her....

First off I made an attempt at subway art. I rather like the way this one has turned out.Although the colours don't look right here but trust me they look great in the flesh.
I made it in Pic Monkey then Kev cropped and re sized it in Photo shop.

It looks better in the frame when it was trimmed down a bit.I made it square but I had  a rectangle frame so Kev worked his sizing magic for me...
Next I made a cupcake name frame...

It doesn't matter how many times I make these frames I still love them and each one is so different.

And of course I had to make a large initial for her.I love this paper it is raised and embossed then it has glitter all over it.Now what little girl doesn't like glitter...

                         I also made up a couple of singlets for Ava.

                           It is so easy to decorate these.

I have  lots of little crotchet flowers in my scrapbook stash so I just matched  up what I liked and used a fabric glue to attach the flowers to the singlets.Then I just put some little pearls in the centre with the same glue.I have been doing these for awhile and after washing and drying them  a few times the flowers are still attached...

            Just showing a close up of my favorite singlet.
                           This one is just so cute.

So off everything goes to Joe and Rita  tomorrow I hope they love it all.Plus I have been slack she is a couple of months now.Boo Hoo how slack I am .So Joe and Rita "Sorry for taking awhile to get
these to you..but they are worth it...."


  1. A real litle cutie & as usual your craft looks lovely.

  2. They all look good as per usual with your crafts.


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