Thursday, November 27, 2014

Quick and easy cake stand

I have been going through my Pinterest posts and trying to do some.

No use just saving them all you have to make some...

So I kept coming back to this cake stand using terracotta pots and thought "hello today's your lucky  day I'm making  you"

And I did....

Take a terracotta pot whatever size you like and pick a terracotta saucer to go on top.

Now this will hold your cake or goods so choose a good size and keep checking the pot and saucer to get the correct  size you want....

No use having a large saucer and a weeny pot or vice versa

Glue your pot to the saucer we used Arodilte...

Let dry then spray whatever colour you want...

OMG I love how it turned out I am going to make a few more now for parties in different colours.

Total cost for this was under $5 as we had the paint.I think that is a really cheap cake stand.

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