Thursday, February 19, 2015

Green sheep blanket

I am very naughty its not like I have nothing to do because my 'to do list' is huge its just that when I see something I love I just have to do it straight away..

Which is what happened when I spotted this on a friends blog.

Emma from She Sows Seeds made this beautiful blanket for her daughter and I just love it and have to have it...

So I bought some beautiful Patons cotton in this gorgoeos shade of green cast on what I thought I needed and started to crotchet...

And crotchet and then some more crotchet.....

I am just doing trble so it is easy as anything its just taking me sooooo long and you all know I love quick craft projects .

Well this wont be one of those but I am deterirmed to finish it so it can be ready for when Kerry decides to have another baby...


  1. I recently tried to do crotchet a blanket like this but my stitches were all uneven and it looked terrible, I got my hubby paul to pull it apart for me. Wish I could get it looking like this!!

  2. I wonder why this is just plain boring old treble-love dee x


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