Friday, February 13, 2015

My health

Well you all know that I am battling an Auto Immune Diesase called Mixed Connective Tissue Diesease and we think that this has cause the ulcers on my legs...

It is a pain but apparently I am not the normal paitent. While I have it I don't show some of the traits and my main organs are ok at present.

The ulcers are pretty special if you like to call them that as in they are unusual. They arnt like normal ones and my doctor does talks all over the world showing pictures of them and discussing them all to no avail.

Some days I cant walk around and am in so much pain its unbearable .Others days I feel fine so I rush around trying to do a catch up on my housework and crafts. Last Saturday night I was up at 2.00am cleaning my house ...

One of the things we have to watch is my Anemia. I am very anemic so now I am having Iron infusions every three months  I kinda think it is helping but ill wait and see the results. Later this year my doctor wants to do another blood transfusion.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who enquires how I am going for the moment I am just going the only thing I can say about being sick is losing weight. Whoa I have lost heaps which is good but my doctor isn't that happy with it as he said having the weight was helping me  go figure...

 So I will continue to plod along and just try to deal with what comes my way...


  1. Maybe this year something wonderful will come out to heal. Always fingers crossed. xxx

  2. Sending so much love to you Dee. Your brave attitude is so inspiring xx

    1. Thanks Sonia you don't realise how much reading your story helped me-love dee x

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