Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lollipop hellos

This little fun project was pinned from Pinterest a long time ago but recently I have been going through my pins and trying to complete some.

Well today was this pins lucky day...

I got Kevin to take a photo of Aidan in front of my wardrobe which is white with his arm outstretched and making a fist.

We took a few shots cause Aidan being Aidan likes to pull faces but I got one I really liked.

I went into pic monkey and put the word Hello on the picture that way it can be used for any occasion.

The lollipops were bought from Woolworth's and I didn't know it when I bought them but they has cute smiley faces on them.

Then I just cut a little slit into Aidan's hand fist on the top and bottom and inserted the lollipop.

Done ......

Aidan wrote on a couple and we mailed them off to his friends as a nice surprise....

I am really happy with these like what a cute idea and you can write any thing you want on them....

Hope you liked them

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