Friday, February 20, 2015

yellow loving

Everyone knows that at the moment I am loving the colour yellow ....I don't know why but it makes me happy so I don't question it....

Here is a few of my favourite yellow pieces around the house.

Loving Aidan's tissue box .....Kev made it for made it for me then sprayed it yellow and added the Batman decal to match Aidan's room...Its unreal i think...

I love the "hello" signs around at present but always thought that they were too big, then I found this one at Bed Bath n Table and this one fits perfectly in my entrance...

LM's repainted yellow clock....I've had the clock for ages it started as a nice walnut clock then went peppermint green  now she is yellow to go into Aidan's new room .Best look yet...

This is my latest yellow fix...

Its just a touch of yellow but enough to make me smile....

Oh no I forgot my new yellow stools.... but you can read about that later....

The little  garden gnome was also sprayed months ago love how it gives a great pop of colour to a otherwise boring brown space...


  1. Hey there my lil bloggy bff...You are so brave to do pops of yellow! I would never have the guts but I OVE all your yellows! You are giving me bravery...maybe 'll go wild & buy some bright yellow! We need some cheeriness here in our igloo!

    1. Libbie you must be the bravest person I know 5 kids and another on the way-love dee xxx

  2. Ok I'm trying again, it seems to have lost my comment twice! Loving all the yellow at your place, it's such a happy colour!

    1. Thanks Amie I love looking at your house its beautiful-love deex

  3. Looks good & a very happy color.


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