Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas balls

Well I am trying to be organized .

Each year for Christmas as a small gift we give all the kids and teachers in the little man class  a ball with their name on it from the little man .

This year I found these unreal stars and hearts so I am painting their names on these.

They have turned out great so far and I love the bright colours.

This is some of the finished ones.Sorry photo isn't better but you get the idea.
And this is the best paint to use.It doesn't matter what colour it is but it is the BEST.

We have done thousands of these balls and this paint works the best by a mile.It is hard to get but guess what FRED has it in stock.

Just write the name on the ball.
Sprinkle with glitter,
Tap the excess off with your finger
And YEAH you have a personalised Christmas ball....

Now I will go back to making my 50 plus stars...



  1. That is such a terrific idea. A nice change from the balls.

  2. its a great idea...i did this with the chrissy balls.

  3. Too much time Dee, what a great present.


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