Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi it's been awhile....

Hi it's been awhile hasn't it.

Heaps has been happening -although a lot is not worth talking about ha ha .

So now I will show you a couple of things I have made in the last week.

Firstly I made the "LOVE" sign.My wonderful father cut them out for me after I drew what I wanted.

One for me and one for my best friend Lisa...

Family effort.The Little man had to help sand them..Just like Da.

Photo isn't the best but trust me they look FANTASTIC....

Next I painted the Kaiser mini Christmas tree white (actually Jo Sonja's warm white-best colour ever) I also
painted a photo frame I had the same colour then sanded it back in places,..I also glittered just the little birds on the tree in white so you can just see them..

Photo is a bit glarey but you can still see it.The backing paper is from the Girls Paperie Tinsel & Twig..The
little bits and pieces I had in my stash,I am going to make a matching frame but so I can put the Little man Santa's photo in.

I'm getting ready for Christmas -I saw this little red bird and it had to come home with me.I got the crystal dish as a wedding present first time around so I just put some mini silver balls in it and Yep I like it....

I LOVE -LOVE- LOVE these prints.
I got them from Etsy from a wonderful artist named Kate.

You have to check out her blog.It is on my favorite lists and is wonderful.This talented lady has 4 little girls and now has a little boy who is under 1 plus one of her daughters has been very ill but she still manages time to do this mixed media art -run a business and run a family  and is a pleasure to talk to A Simply Amazing Woman.

I am taking these to the framers to get them put in one large frame when I get it back you can be sure that I will stick photo's of it here,ha ha.

And lastly had to show you a picture of the little man being forced to lick the bowl after I made chocolate fudge.

Dee xxx


  1. I love all your xmas things.
    I can't say I'd kiss Mr fudge face though, but I love him anyway. xxx

  2. OMG Dee you are so clever you should sell some at a craft market they look fantastic. Kerry's bag organiser turned out fantastic. Also Kate's prints, I follow her blog she is very talented the Bubuskhas are so beautiful.

  3. I just adore all of your work, you are soooooooooooo talented, and so is Kerry, great job on the bag organiser.


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