Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My week-Christmas wreaths

Well I found this tutorial in Jan last year to make Christmas Wreaths and said I am going to make these,

Well I have,

Sorry there is heaps of photos but I wanted to show the colours.

First get your balls -I used about 80-100 in different sizes.then I glue the tops on every one.

Then just thread them onto a coat hanger,Just keep wiggling the balls till you are happy with how they lay.
When finished tie the ends together -Cover the join with ribbon and a bow and YEAH they are done.

This is the one I ended up keeping.

When  i finished if there was any gaps I just glued a ball on the wreath.

I gave this to Gill and Ben

This is my friends Lisa's wreath all her Christmas gear is gold So this will match in really good.

Looks good don't they.

Just showing them all hanging together ,
they really looked good hard to chose one but I really love the green,

Kevin's mum choose this one.

Hope you enjoyed them

Also I forgot this one,I sent mum the tuturial and was talking about how to make them .And this is My Mum's wreath,I love the colours .Mum you ae a legend.



  1. The xmas wreaths are beautiful & aren't you lucky that Aidan was there to help you.

  2. Love the wreaths, especially the green one. I think I will go out this week and get some balls and have a go myself.


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