Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Zoo.

It's Saturday the sun is just starting to warm up the day -we are in Precious (the good car) music cranked up and the three of us are on our way to Taronga Zoo for The Little Mans  best  friend "Super hero boy" 3 rd birthday party -"YEAH !!!!!

Well I wasn't looking forward to this but thought -"NO I am going to do this" -So armed with a belly full of morphine off I went.

Now I hadn't even got out of the car park  before I started whingeing but no one would  listened so I just soldiered on......Ha Ha

Little Man and Superhero boy .(I have called him this as he Loves superheroes and for part of today he was Superman then he became Bateman).

These little fellas have been friends since the little man  was 8 months old and started at the same daycare together.There is another little boy in their gang but he wasn't able to make it.

Just showing off .....

I am cute aren't I Dee Dee.......

Happy 3rd  Birthday Superhero boy......You are such a lovely little superhero.

I love Snap Snap...(which is what he calls Crocodiles,)

Cooling off...
                                                        .This caption could go either up or below photo. Ha Ha

These are what I wanted to see and they didn't disappoint me .

It was just so funny watching them play with their keeper and at one stage he actually pushed her into the water...
Just loved them......

Come  play. with me ......
Look at the little sweetie hiding under mums belly....

I'm staying with mama.....

My feet are sore.........

The two most important men in my life.Love you both ....

Can you see the little elephant the boy has?
I promised him one (well it was more of a "if you behave"bribe...)after I said it I thought OMG how exspensive will they be at the zoo.
Well I was wrong,This little cutie was $10. And no I didn't pick it due to the price-The Little man chose it(her/him? I will stick with Her for now )

So summing up the day  I would have to say  I had a great day (the morphine helped)ha ha and I am glad that I pushed myself to do it.

The sore feet and feeling sick all day  I will forget but The little mans smiles NEVER....

dee xxx

PS- Forgot to mention on the way in at Mosman OMG "THE SHOPS" looked unreal.I made a mental note of a few that I would like to check out on the way home if we had time....

SO.........WE DID

I only went into one shop but it was worth it.....It was a kitchen /gift shop.Well i bought 5 little blown glass doves for the Christmas Tree and a couple of other silver and antique white hearts and birds for the tree as well.So beautiful.
Then I bought a Gingerbread house to decorate smells yummy.We bought some mini gingerbread men to go around the house-but somehow the whole 10 got ate on the way home.

Arn't these so cute and only $4.95 each...

I really love this one though -it was $12.95 each.

Yes Kevin  it is a long way to go to shop...
Yes Kevin I didn't NEED them I just WANTED them...
Yes Kevin I am going to go there again -he he he

dee xx



  1. The zoo photos are great. I love the little elephant & the photo of Kevin & Aidan together. Sounds like you all had a good day.
    The xmas ornaments are beautiful, especially the last one.
    Love you all.
    Mum xxx

  2. Love the photos Dee, you must have picked the hottest day to go? Although it's always a bit cooler in the city. Love, Love the Xmas decorations, you sound just like me, will have to stop their on the way home. Thank god the men are understanding.


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