Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sad little man

We have a very sad little man tonight.

                            As usual he was running around tonight acting silly....
                            As usual we told him to stop and calm down.....
                            As usual he didn't listen.........

So when he ran into the coffee table corner we were expecting it but  it was still a big shock for Kev and me ,

Although I think The little man was shocked more.

Look at my sad little boy..

The thing is though it looked worse the next day .It actually caught him under his eyebrow as well. I thought this might teach him not to run ....But NO he was running around this morning like nothing had happened,

I am sure this must be a boy thing,Kerry never was like this -she was shy quiet little girl although she was naughty some times) but the little man is sooo loud and noisy and is always racing around.
Oh well it doesn't matter cause I love him no matter what...



  1. Poor little vegemite, and such a sad little face. I hope the swelling has gone down. Give Aidan a big kiss & hug from Nana xxx

  2. ouch.... that would hurt.... happens in this house lots with miss jorja...!!

  3. The joy of having a 3 year old in the house, look out Dee, there will be more of this to come.


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