Friday, November 26, 2010

New Craft

Kevin's dad was a grenadier guard and his mum loves things with the guards on them.
Anyway on Sunday I went into Domaynes and bought these cute little grenadiers brooches for $12 each -thought I would put it in her Christmas gift-then as I was leaving I saw they had put the brooch on a dress form.

Good idea I thought -till I checked out the price $140 for the dress form-FORGET  IT  so off to Fred's I went to buy a dress form there.

One dress form from Fred's $17.

1 Grenadier brooch $12

I put some old book pages and music paper on form with modge podge .Then I painted it with clear crackle paint.when dried glazed it in dark brown .Then I used linseed oil and paint to re glaze it .Stuck some old lace and a doiley on it and there you go.

Similar idea but better price,

So now I am keeping this one and will be making another one for my mother in law-ha ha

Close up of pins and doiley



  1. It's differant, & it just shows how things may be copied for a lot less money.

  2. This is probably better than the one in Domayne and made with love. Its awesome Dee you are so clever.

  3. I agree, this is awesome. I just love how you can see something and go home and replicate it, probably better than the original.


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