Friday, November 26, 2010


                               Why is it that everything seems to break at the same time.

We have had a crap time here this week with things breaking and having to be replaced.
Firstly my water filter tap broke,(Well actually I broke it while trying to clean it -don't tell Kev )We will replace it but water is water to me .Straight from the tap no problem (I am from Tamworth and  filtered water isn't heard of there).

Then we had to replace the lawn mower.

OMG what a drama ---it had to be just so (so dumb).

Kev said" I don't know which one  what one do you think ?" So me being me said "Get that one -(the biggest most expensive and it was black-a good looking machine) But No does he listen-NO he doesn't.He wants this one.

So we now have a blue lawn mower and a very happy husband.

The little fella was happy too.

My new Whirlpool...

Next the dishwasher became possessed.

No truly it was possessed by the devil himself.It kept flooding and yesterday I went to open the door to it and OMG all this boiling water started flooding out of it and began chasing me -YES chasing me -now I ran but having bandages on both feet while running (well walking fast) on timber floors does not work and I ended up on my butt( not a pretty sight)

So welcome to our new quiet whirlpool.


I did some nerdy work this week.

Every year I like to make a book  just of the Little fella so we can look back on how much he has grown .We usually get about 10 copies for gifts for family-godparents and friends.

I love the Big W program it is the best and  very user friendly..
Anyway they had the books on sale this week-normally $20 each  I got them for $10 each.

After the photos are loaded onto the site it took me about 40 mins to place it all up.Then I get Kev to check it and Bang it is done,
They will be here in around 7-10 days.

Lastly I hate doing this as I am sure many of you do as well and that is putting everything into my new diary for 2011.You know birthdays etc.....Then to top it off I had to replace my notebook as it was full.

Yes I am a notebook and diary nerd.If it isn't in the diary it isn't happening.And as for the notebook it has everything in it,Christmas lists-birthday lists-phone numbers -window sizes you name it and it is in there.

And to make matters worse,I keep them,I have every diary from 1999.I am such a loser.But at least I can see at a glance what we did on a certain day -alright I am trying to justify it but reality is I am a hoarder and it isn't going to change

dee x


  1. You've had a very busy week haven't you.

  2. It always happens in 3's, the tap, the lawnmower and the dishwasher. Hopefully next time it will be less expensive and reasonably simple to repair.


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