Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafty Family....

I am very proud of my mum and daughter they are both very talented women, Anyway just wanted to show you something they have been making...

This is a rug that mum is still working on. Isn't it so soft and yummy looking.She is using two strands of wool to do this and all in double crotchet stitch.
Love it Mum xx

Now remember not long ago we bought Kerry a sewing machine for Christmas,Well here is the first thing she sewed.It's a hand bag organizer.
She had one and it was falling apart so she just copied it.The photo is a bit yuck (Kerry took it ha ha) but you get the idea she has made a couple of more since and has changed it but I don't have those photos.
Well done Kerry.

This is a wedding photo of our friends Aileen and Tony who will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.Time flys so fast -like you just blink and bang add 10yrs on.

I love the fact that they were childhood sweethearts, and have wonderful kids and they became Grandparents this year,
Happy Anniversary.....

The irony of things is that I got married 4 months before them and we only lasted 18years,(oh well I scored heaps better second time around

dee  xxx

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  1. Congratulations to Aileen & Tony on 30years of marraige. A lovely couple.


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