Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boring Weekend

Thought I would show you some photos of our weekend .We did nothing  out of the ordinary but were just on the go all
the weekend.

Some photo's are boring some are good.I love the boy and the Honda photo.I can't believe how much he loves that car ha ha.

Sorry if they  bore you... ha ha

Day started off freezing and I mean freezing.

LM wanted to go outside and help Kerry wash her car in the freezing weather

So I made he wear his pirate gum boots.He looked so cute.

I was lucky Kevin made me a yummy hot chocolate in my new coffee cup.

The image looks like me -NOT

OMG when LM came back inside he put Kev's shoes on and was pretending
to be Kev.
It was so funny as he kept falling over and couldn't walk in them...

Here is Kerry's car all clean.
She had lent it to friends so it could be used for a wedding.

I cleaned out my pantry as mum is coming down and I want things perfect as can be.

Today I bought a few banana's.It cost me nearly $6 for 3.
Anyway I didn't care the LM really loves fruit and these are a favorite.
I also love them so I had a banana sandwich and OMG it was good,

I don't know if it was good because I haven't had one in months but who cares or good because it cost so much.ha ha

Can't forget my stash of aspro.
Even though I am still on morphine dailythese work so good and fast-LOVE THEM....

I had to put away my latest order of wound care.

What you see here is $200 worth and will last about 3 weeks if I am lucky.

Well 6 days till LM's party and I haven't decided on a cake yet.

So out came old faithful to give me a few ideas.

I used this book for Kerry when she was little for her's and others birthday cakes.This brought back memories.
 And now I see they have been reprinted and are in the shops .
                                                                               Do you have a copy ?

I wanted my outdoor setting oiled as it needed it .Of course I left it to the last moment.
So poor Kevin  said ok he will do it today.
Now I thought it would take a couple of hours

 First it needed to be cleaned up.

This is Kevin's idea of washing it down.A high pressure hose.

Problem was it took off most of the varnish


He went to Bunnings and bought this sander to get the varnish off faster.

Da can I have a go..........

Come on Da can I have a go

and finally he was allowed.

A very happy boy in the HONDA.....

This tent kept him occupied for ages....

And me I finished my day with my trusty vacuum.

Yeah it never ends does it.




  1. No wonder you are stuffed the rest of the week.
    See you to-morrow. (legs have nothing to do with it)Love you Mum xxx

  2. I love that cake book! So many memories! Have you seen the newer ones, I'll bring them down with me if you like. They're great.

    Miss you heaps. Can't wait to see you on the weekend.


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